Dining In The Port City of Saint-Malo, Bretagne

In the land of Butter, Buckwheat Crêpes and Gallets


Créps are an everyday affair in much of France, but you can’t come to Brittany if you don’t like buckwheat, the gluten-free, rich in vegetable protein, fiber and anti-oxidants, the highly nutritious staple referred to as Brittany’s black gold.  Creperies are everywhere where you can enjoy this taste of Breton, but we really enjoyed dinner at Bertrand Larcher’s Le Comptoir Breizh Café in Saint-Malo, opting for their Japanise influenced smoked salmon galette with ikura, salmon roe, crème fraîche and dill, accompanied with a bottle from their selection of 60 tasty ciders.  This is a must do when in Saint-Malo, Can Cale, Paris or Japan.

The more traditional style Gallet can include just about anything, from duck breast to seared scallops, and always served with plenty of delicious Breton butter.


Another real treat comes when you sit down at your table in Bistro Autour du Beurre Bordie, the restaurant of La Maison du Beurre Bordier, where you will be able sample their unique selection of butters with either lunch or dinner.  Really something special.  The raspberry infused butter is perfect for desert!


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