Mercado Chamartin

The markets, mercados, in Madrid are some of the best in the country and where you can find everything from your daily grocery needs to top gourmet items, shoe repair, laundry and gourmet dining options.

Located in the northern business district of Chamartin, in the Hispanoamérica neighborhood, at the corner of Calle Bolivia and Potosí, the Mercado Chamartin, which opened in 1962, is typical of the city’s busy neighborhood markets where the locals shop daily for fresh meats, seafood, produce, cheeses, breads and wine. You can even reserve a table for lunch at one of the many popular small restaurants that have become of part of the busy market scene over the last few years. This is something you are unlikely to find at home. Take metro line 8 or 9 to Colombia.

Bonfromage is rated one of the 10 best cheese shops in Madrid for 2021

Bonfromage specializes in artisanal, national and international cheeses, a feast for the eyes, smell and taste of more than 130 cheeses; raw or pasteurized milk of cow, sheep, goat. Open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and 5:00 to 8:00 pm, Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

La Huerta de Chamartín

La Huerta de Chamartín was voted the best fruit store in the market in 2018, offering “tree to table” in less than 24 hours. The other fresh produce stores in the market include Frutas Jefran, Frutas Charito, Frutas Kike, Frutas Rosarito, Frutas Rosarito planta baja, Frutas Sole and Frutas y verduras Iglesias.

La Carnicoteca de José López Olid

La Carnicoteca de José López Olid is one of 11 traditional butcher shops in the market offering top quality cuts of meat including Ternera de Ávila (veal from Ávila), cordero Lechal (baby lamb), Vaca madurada gallega (aged Galician cow) and Cerdo Ibérico (Iberian pork). Other butchers in the market include Carnicería Carnes Cesáreo Gómez, offering Buey gallego (Galician ox). Carnicería Domingo, specializes in products from Bierzo. Carnicería Elías offers Cordero Lechal Riaza (suckling lamb from Riaza) and Cerdo ibérico de bellota (fresco), fresh acorn-fed Iberian ham. Carnicería Juan y Santí, specializies in Cebón gallego (Galician Cebon) and Rabo de toro (Oxtail). Carnicería Luis y Antonio specialize in Corte argentino (premium beef from Argentina) and Ternera gallega y asturiana (Galician and Asturian beef). Peña Madrid Delicatessen Carnicería, a gastronomic boutique, has been around for 30 years and offers some of the top quality groumet products. You will find them on the lower level of the market. La casquería de Sergio Montero specializes in vísceras de primerísima (top quality organ meats). Raza Nostra carnicería offers Valles del Esla beef as well as difficult to find breeds such as Cachena, Sayaguesa or Asturiana de la Montaña. They also offer lamb from Aragon, Celtic porco from Galicia, along with Black Angus, Fleckvieh-Simmental and authentic Japanese wagyu beef. Santiago Martín, also on planta baja, specialies in Ternera de Castilla y cordero lechal (Castillian beef and suckling lamb). Siñeriz Astur Carnes offers Ternera de Asturias (Asturian beef), Ternera Sierra de Guadarrama (beef from Sierra de Guadarrama) and Ternera Blanca de Ávila (veal from Ávila).

There are now six Pescados y Mariscos in the market for you to shop for fresh or top quality frozen seafood, and shellfish. Congelados Javier Ollero, offers a variety of frozen seafood from around the world. Las Conchas del Mar with fresh seafood and shellfish. Pescadería Ernesto Prieto 1 y 2, The Pescadería López Astorgano family has been in business for more than 100 years. O Percebeiro works only with fishermen from the Puerto de Marín (Pontevedra) for the freshest Pescado y Marisco Gallego (Galician fish and seafood).

Dining In The Market

There are currently three small restaurants in the market. La Barra de Juan, offering gastronomic “market cuisine” and a daily menu. Pasto Mito, an Italian risto-shop. Akatuski, is a susi bar. Susi has become very popular in Madrid over the last few years.

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