Calle Ponzano, Still The Epicenter Of Cool

What’s happening on Calle de Ponzano

Calle Ponzano continues to evolve since the end of the pandemic with several changes to the street, which is currently being upgraded. The city is widening the sidewalks, eliminating street parking and we would assume that the street will be one-way traffic only.

We recently had lunch at Sala de Despiece, having missed the opportunity before the pandemic shut everything down. We didn’t opt for the menu, too much food, but instead tried a few of their more interesting dishes. By 14.30 on a Monday in February the place was packed, including with hungry visitors from Italy and Portugal there for the experience.

We finished up lunch with a very interesting pepper ice cream, which you eat with your hands.

With wine, you can expect to spend at least 50€/person. The menu Albarán is 45€, without wine.

We stopped in at Fide, Calle de Ponzano, 8, before lunch for a cold beer on a cold day. This is one of the cities top seafood bars.

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